WordPress Web Design

As a trusted and results-driven WordPress website design company, we believe that website management should be simple and hassle-free. Our team of WordPress website experts can help you set up a user-friendly web platform optimized for search engines to create a high-converting site. With Boston Tech’s professional WordPress design and development services, you can ensure your website is beautiful and functional.

If you’ve ever wondered what WordPress is, it is a website creation tool that powers over 40% of the internet. This means roughly one-third of all websites trust WordPress for their website creation needs. It is a user-friendly platform that is easy to understand and use. 


The original WordPress development team had a bold vision to create a digital space where users could freely share their stories. They ensured that users could use the software for free, tweak the code as they pleased, and even use it for commercial purposes without licensing fees. Now, that’s freedom and flexibility at its best. 


WordPress is a powerful website creation tool that functions as an open-source software and content management system (CMS). It can create simple blogs or complex enterprise websites, applications, and portals. It is a versatile tool that can bring any digital vision to life. With WordPress, you can easily customize your website’s appearance and add new features using themes and plugins.


Typically, a WordPress web designer focuses on your branding and visual elements, while a WordPress web developer deals with the code. The possibilities are endless with a WordPress website, but you need a professional WordPress design and development team to make your vision come to life.

WordPress Web Design Services

  • Professional WordPress Design and Development

    With our extensive experience in professional WordPress design and development, we are confident in our ability to create a website that will generate profitable results for your business. Our team of dedicated WordPress designers will select an SEO-friendly theme tailored to your specific needs, while our developers can customize the code to fit your preferences. At our WordPress agency, we prioritize stellar design and functionality to ensure that your website stands out from the rest.

  • WordPress Management

    We specialize in creating customized WordPress websites that meet all of your requirements. Our team combines HTML and CSS skills with the powerful WordPress platform to deliver high-quality web design services. From content placement to customization, we'll take care of everything to ensure your website looks and functions exactly how you want it to. Trust us to provide reliable WordPress management services to help you get the most out of your website.

  • WordPress Maintenance

    WordPress maintenance services are essential for your website. Like any other software, WordPress releases updates to enhance the platform's performance. These updates can affect various aspects of your site, so you need our WordPress maintenance services to ensure that your site runs smoothly as platform changes take effect. Our WordPress company provides regular backups to safeguard your web content.

  • WordPress SEO

    If you ask any reputable WordPress web design agency about the benefits of using the platform, most of them will likely refer to a statement by Matt Cutts of Google. He claimed WordPress could cover 80 to 90% of your SEO needs. The basic structure of a WordPress website is SEO-friendly, so the responsibility of a WordPress development company is to use tools that can enhance your search performance. Our WordPress design services include creating and monitoring your keyword strategy, which is crucial in improving your website's SEO.

Why Hire Us as Your WordPress Web Design Company

If you want to distinguish yourself and attract the attention of your target audience, using standard templates and basic site functionality won't be enough. Your most significant competitor is likely collaborating with a first-class WordPress website design agency, and you should do the same.

  • Maximum Efficiency

  • Custom-Fit Design

  • Worry-Free Management

  • Multi-Layer Support